Karen Bonadio

 I have had a successful wallcovering installation and historic restoration business here in the Los Angeles area for over 14 years. While in pursuits of other interests professionally, I attended a trade school (West Valley Occupational Center) in order to be self employed. There I learned the art of wallpaper and mural installation. Previous to this I lived, worked, and traveled extensively in Europe.

My wallcovering business has really opened up a lot of interests for me. I have discovered how creative and artistic it can be to work with my hands. All the beautiful wallpapers, murals, and fabrics I have installed, the interesting projects and architectural spaces I have been involved with, and of course all those interesting people I have met along the way. What is so important to me in my work is the attention to detail. It is imperative.

Through my business, I have worked with so many talented and creative interior designers and architects. Most recently I have become increasingly passionate about historic preservation, and I want to do all that I can to help keep history alive, especially when it concerns historic and antique wallpaper. The following true story pretty much sums up how I feel about historic preservation:

A contractor and his family were taking a long weekend drive up the coast toward San Francisco from Los Angeles. They decided to get off the main highway and drive on an old country road. After some time, it appeared out of nowhere. This big old house. What was a little odd about it was that there didn't seem to be any other homes around. As they approached the house, the contractor could see that it was most likely built between the late 1800's to early 1900's. It was in desperate neglect and quite vacant. As they got even closer, they could see a hand-made sign in the overgrown yard with "Please Save Me" written on it. My heart just sank. My first impulse was to find this house and help it. Sadly... the contractor couldn't recall with certainty it's location. To this day, I don't know what happened to the house, but I hope it was saved.

My interests in historic preservation/conservation have led me to become involved with, or on file for referral by, the following:

  • San Francisco Architectural Heritage
  • The Los Angeles Conservancy
  • Pasadena Heritage

I am also a docent at the new J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, where I give architectural tours twice a month.